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JVC Procision Projectors
JVC Procision Projectors DLA-X500R, DLA-X700R and DLA-X900RKTThe all-new JVC Procision Projector range offers exceptional qualtiy and unmatched value. At the hear of the range are the;• DLA-X500R with 60 000:1 native contrast and 600 000:1 dynamic contrast• DLA-X700R with 120 000:1 native contrast and 1200 000:1 dynamic contrast• DLA-X900RKT with 150 000:1 native contrast and 1 500 000:1 dynamic contrastEach projector in the range makes use of three 6th generation D-ILA devices, giving a better than average picture qua [...]
KEF LS50 - Small Speaker Big Sound
KEF LS50 - Small Speaker Big Sound The drive unit complement is the latest evolution of KEF’s trademark Uni-Q array. The Uni-Q may look like a single unit, but it’s really a 25mm aluminium dome tweeter in the centre of a 13cm magnesium/aluminium–coned mid/bass. The idea is to improve the way the speaker disperses sound and help integration.What looks like a grille in front of the tweeter is in fact a waveguide that improves its high-frequency performance. Even without that opinion-dividing colour – KEF calls it Rose Gold – this i [...]
New Cambridge CXN Range
New Cambridge CXN Range The new Cambridge Audio CX series includes six components: a network music player, two stereo amplifiers, a CD transport and two AV receivers.The new range promises to "revolutionise entertainment in the digital age" no less, and sports a fresh design style. The hi-fi and home cinema components offer support for high-res streaming, 4K upscaling, aptX Bluetooth, DSD playback and more.The company has also revealed a new-look logo, which will see the dropping of the 'Audio' part of the name for a s [...]
Sonos: Music anywhere in the house
Sonos: Music anywhere in the house Want to listen to music anywhere in the house? A wireless Sonos sound system may be the answer.In times past, you'd come across some fairly major logistical issues if you wanted to be able to listen to your entire music collection anywhere in your home. You'd either need to move your sound system from room to room, or put up with wires and cables trailing under doors and rugs and up the stairs. Or spend a fortune on a home install system.The rise of digital and computer-based music has made it e [...]