JVC Procision Projectors

DLA-X500R, DLA-X700R and DLA-X900RKT The all-new JVC Procision Projector range offers exceptional qualtiy and unmatched value. At the hear of the range are the; • DLA-X500R with 60 000:1 native contrast and 600 000:1 dynamic contrast • DLA-X700R with 120 000:1 native contrast and 1200 000:1 dynamic contrast • DLA-X900RKT with 150 000:1 native contrast and 1 500 000:1 dynamic contrast Each projector in the range makes use of three 6th generation D-ILA devices, giving a better than average picture quality with 40% smaller pixel gap and a longer life span. This makes the series ideal for both commercial and home use. D-ILA arguably offers the best image when it comes to projector technology. Other technologies make use of techniques which introduce spaces between the pixels of the image being broadcast, and results in a shadowed effect – almost as if you were looking at the picture through a fine mesh. The technology used in D-ILA projectors allows the pixels to be placed far closer together and thus results in a far clearer image. In addition to the clearer image, D-ILA projectors use three imaging chips instead of the more old-fashioned single chip in combination with a vertically aligned set of liquid crystal layers which allows for a natural and accurate colour reproduction with high native contrast. The JVC Procision Projector range accepts native 4K 60P via the dual 4K/60P HDMI inputs. 1080P input is converted to 4K using improved multi pixel control with a new auto mode. In keeping with the times, the projectors accept 3D content in frame sequential, side by side and top to bottom format. 2D to 3D conversion is combined with 3D parallax correction to create a truly high quality experience. Inputs and Outputs featured on the JVC Procision Projector range are: • Dual 4k/60P HDMI inputs • 3D compatible RS- • 232C • RJ45 Lan Connection • 12V Trigger • 3D Synchro For a truly best of breed picture quality, great flexibility and a competitive edge with regards to the media input, choose a JVC Procision Projector that offers you so much more than other projection technologies.