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Thorens Turntables for the true audiophile

Vinyl lovers, true musical fidelity is at your fingertips at Ultra Sound. In answer to your quest for audio excellence, we now offer a comprehensive range of state of the art masterpieces from the Thorens stable, the name in elegantly crafted, classic turntables.

More than fifty years of research go into producing each component to exacting standards. In the age-old Swiss tradition of precision craftsmanship and engineering, the finest materials are carefully turned and lovingly formed into pieces of timeless beauty. Thorens turntables employ suspended chassis technology and solid glass platters to isolate the source and eliminate interference, giving new meaning to the term 'musical fidelity'.

Renowned tone arms and pick-up cartridges ensure every subtle detail of your most loved piece of music, from the sibilant parting of lips to the warm, timbral tones of your favourite singer, is faithfully reproduced to put you right in the performance. If you haven’t yet rediscovered the warm musicality of a fine turntable, Thorens will take you to a higher level of musical appreciation with a selection to fit your budget.

At Ultra Sound, we are committed to bringing you the finest selection of components to ensure your musical experience is exceptional. With our great Rewards program, you accumulate points on your purchases and retain them until you are ready to redeem them on any of the fantastic products in store. A great chance to get those peripherals you have been thinking about to tweak your system.

Come in and experience the warm, rich sound of vinyl again with Thorens Turntables and take advantage of our generous Rewards program.