Resurgence of Vinyl and Turntables

It seems everyone is jumping on the vinyl and turntable bandwagon these days and why not! There is something so satisfying about loading your favourite vinyl record and listening to the crackle and pop of good old fashioned sound. Music enthusiasts the world over are afforded the opportunity to truly romanticise their music listening experiences with a good quality turntable and a top-notch record collection.

While vinyl records seemed to be the must-have of yesteryear, nobody quite expected its resurgence, especially with digital music, downloads and even the iPod seemingly putting an end to the culture. And that’s really the point...vinyl and turntables are a culture – it’s not just a sideline thing – it’s a lifestyle and clearly one that is enjoyed the world over. One of the great things about vinyl record and turntable playing is that you can share your music with the entire world, or you can keep it to yourself with a good headphone set. We’d recommend you check out the AudioQuest NightHawk headphone, which is worth even more than the fabulous reviews it is currently receiving.

If you are getting back into the groove with vinyl and turntables, make sure that you’re investing in a good quality record player / turntable. You might be tempted to buy something on the cheap, but remember that a cheap player will have a cheap needle and this can often mean tragedy for both you and the condition of your record, after a few plays.

If you’re looking for high quality turntables, consider the following:

  • Pro-Ject – this is a brand that has been offering high quality audio components in excess of 20 years. Everyday listeners certainly enjoy the Debut Carbon turntable series. These units offer modular box components which are space saving. Pro-Ject turntables are also high performing and vinyl lovers seem to collect them just as intently as they collect their vinyl records!
  • Rega – these turntables are built for performance with the RP1, RP3 and RP6 models being obsessively sought out by music enthusiasts across the globe.

You will find that Rega turntables are worth every cent attached to their price tag! For a sound experience to delight your ears, check out our audio products at Ultra Sound!