Specialising in the production of high end music systems, Rotel has always prioritised a ‘balanced design’ approach where the company’s engineers are given the mandate to produce an affordable product which still features the latest and best in acoustic technology.

How Does It Compare?

Against its direct competitors, which includes respectable brands such as Krell and Marantz, Rotel’s designs typically measure up well in several regards:

  1. Pricing - Rotel’s products have consistently won awards for their quality to price ratio, with its trademark smooth weighty sound coming in at just a fraction of the price of many of its competitors.
  2. Sound - Even though the company’s amplifiers fall well within the top percentile of speakers in terms of power, Rotel ultimately differentiates itself from its competitors through the minimal distortion that is produced when full power capacity is exercised.
  3. Appeal - Finally, it simply cannot be disputed that the music systems produced by Rotel measure up incredibly well in terms of sheer aesthetic design, with the sleek exterior dovetailing superbly with a functional and easy to use interface, a combination that is currently all too rare in the music industry.

A high quality brand that caters to both the certified audiophile and the casual background listener means that if you’re looking to treat either yourself or a significant other to the perfect music system at a reasonable price, then a product designed by Rotel should be a definite contender.