The Phantom Revolution is coming to tomorrow's car.

by Braam Nieuwoudt on February 12, 2018

Driving towards tomorrow, today

This has been our mission ever since we first invented Phantom. And today we’ve done it again. Devialet brings its technologies to SYMBIOZ, Groupe Renault’s latest demo car, through three major breakthroughs. 

Concert-level emotion, on the road

Every risk we’ve taken and every record we’ve broken with Phantom expresses our absolute ambition: to deliver the emotion of sound to the widest audience possible. By defying the limits of sound reproduction and size efficiency, we were able to bring you concert-level emotion, live in your living room.

As we enter the era of autonomous vehicles, entertainment will take a front seat. And your car will become the new living room: a theatre for beautifully immersive audiovisual experiences. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Groupe Renault, one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, to imagine the audio experience in the car of tomorrow with the revolutionary technologies of Phantom.

When Renault told us about their vision for the future of automotive, we were proud and excited to rise to a new challenge: to take the Devialet experience into the car of tomorrow and magnify the automotive journey through sound.


Quentin Sannié, Devialet CEO