Lighting & heating

Add wireless tech to your home's heating, lighting and power. Everything will work the same as before but you can also control it all via smartphone or tablet app, wherever you are.

Schedules and remote access save energy – better for the planet and your pocket. Set lighting to simulate occupancy while you're out. Ever gone on holiday but forgot to turn the heating off? No problem. Then tell it to warm up again a couple of hours before you get home.



Add wireless control to your light bulbs or dimmer switches. Set lighting moods for a room or the whole house with a quick tap on an app. Save £££s by lighting more efficiently. 


Add app and voice control to power sockets with a smart plug. Program it like a timer or control your plug-in lights and appliances from anywhere in the world.


These simple to use devices save energy and hassle by replacing your central heating system's thermostat. Set detailed schedules and control heating via app or voice, even while you're out. 

Heating systems

Sophisticated heating controls use wireless smart thermostatic radiator valves to control each radiator's temperature precisely. Save on bills yet have every room feel just right.