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Smart Home Entertainment

Smart home entertainment

Bring the convenience of music streaming to your home. Wireless speakers fit anywhere and often feature voice control: simply say the name of any track and it plays it.
Add popular services like Spotify to your existing hi-fi system, giving access to millions of songs at the tap of a smartphone or tablet app. Add Hi-Res Audio streaming services for the very best sound quality.

Wireless speakers

Standalone speakers are the simplest way to add wireless music streaming to your home. Many work with voice assistants like Alexa, Siri or Google, to control your music and your smart home.

Streaming micro systems

Stream music wirelessly from phone, tablet or laptop. Many systems have services like Spotify built in too. Use your phone, tablet or laptop as the remote control.

Network amplifiers

Upgrade to a network amplifier to enjoy the quality of a serious hi-fi separates system with the convenience of streaming. Listen to Hi-Res Audio on the best speakers in the house.

Network music players

Add a dedicated player to your hi-fi system to add high-quality streaming from popular online services and also stream your own digital music collection.