Devialet Phantom White V1 - Ultra Sound & Vision
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    Devialet Phantom White V1

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      New engineering that outperforms all existing systems

      Phantom is unique. More than a connected speaker, Phantom emits sound using a revolutionary and inherently superior process created by Devialet engineers: Patented Devialet inventions ADH and HBI.

      Inventions patented by Devialet ADH® and HBI®.

      Invented and made in France, protected by 108 patents, Phantom forever changes the world of sound.

      One or two Phantoms?

      One Phantom playing in solo is already an amazing experience, almost unbelievable for such a compact system.
      With a second Phantom, discover a new universe: more powerful, more spatial, more extreme, absolutely mesmerising.

      Always up to date

      Phantom is constantly improving

      It evolves and perfects itself with free updates, for better performance and new functionalities: WebRadio, integration of new online music services... several new features to come.