DoorBird B101 BirdGuard Camera and Speaker - Ultra Sound & Vision
DoorBird B101 BirdGuard Camera and Speaker - Ultra Sound & Vision

    DoorBird B101 BirdGuard Camera and Speaker

    R 8,260.00

      DoorBird B101 BirdGuard Camera and Speaker

      The BirdGuard is the ideal addition to your DoorBird. You can see what the visitor does after you have opened the door with the DoorBird

      You are always aware of activity at your residence. The integrated motion sensor alerts you via a pushmessage to your Smartphone, if an unwelcome visitor appears.

      The BirdGuard features an integrated amplifier. You can connect high-performance external speakers and generate volumes up to 100 dB

      You can address a potential burglar through the speaker and chase him away. If he does not leave immediately, trigger the dog barking sound or siren.

      You can react to unwelcome visitors in your home from anywhere in the world with your BirdGuard and chase them away by speaking loudly, dog barking or with the connected siren/alarm sound.


      Dimensions 2.95in x 6.18in / 7.5cm x 15.7cm (w x h)
      Weight 290g
      Camera HDTV
      Lens High-end ultra wide-angle hemispheric lens, 180° horizontal, 90° vertical
      Video VGA to HDTV
      Motion Sensor PIR, up to 26ft / 8m
      Audio Speaker and microphone. Integrated amplifier for connecting an external high-performance passive speaker.
      Night-vision 12 intelligent Infrared LEDs
      Network Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz, Ethernet network
      Connectors power, Ethernet RJ45, external potential-free entrance contact, e.g. motion sensor, external speaker and a potential-free switch, e.g. for garage door, sirens/alarm etc.
      Power input 15VDC (power supply 110-240VAC)
      Outdoor-ready Yes, certified IP54
      Operating temperature -4°F to +104°F / -20°C to +40°C
      Apple HomeKit compatible Coming soon
      Supported OS iOS 7+, Android 4+