Emotiva XPA-2 Gen3 Power Amplifier - Ultra Sound & Vision
Emotiva XPA-2 Gen3 Power Amplifier - Ultra Sound & Vision
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    Emotiva XPA-2 Gen3 Power Amplifier

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      The Emotiva XPA-2 Gen3 is a two-channel audiophile power amplifier. The XPA-3 Gen3 offers excellent technical performance, and an exceptionally accurate and dynamic rendition of all types of music, which makes it the perfect choice for both stereo and surround sound music systems.

      The XPA-2 Gen3 features two of our High-Powered Single Channel Modules – for a total of two high-powered channels. This makes it the ideal amplifier for a superb stereo system, or to power the critical front main channels of a great surround sound or home theater sound system. The XPA-2 Gen3 delivers 300 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms or 490 Watts RMS into 4 Ohms with both channels driven; and, because it’s modular, you can add up to five additional amplifier modules to the XPA-2 Gen3 when you decide you need them.

      The Power Supply: The Foundation Of A Great Amplifier

      In amplifier design, everything starts with the power supply. The XPA-2 Gen3 features our new high-current switch mode power supply (SMPS) - a lightweight, powerful, intelligent design capable of delivering over 3 kW of continuous power with absolute reliability and extremely high efficiency. Our cutting edge SMPS offers the dynamic attributes of a classic transformer-based design with none of the drawbacks. Like the best transformer-based power supplies, our SMPS delivers plenty of continuous power to enable our amplifier modules to live up to their full performance potential, and plenty of dynamic power to ensure that musical peaks will never be compressed or limited. However, compared to transformer-based designs, our SMPS is lighter and more efficient; it’s also fully regulated, which ensures optimum performance under a wider range of load conditions.  

      Circuit Topology

      • The XPA-2 Gen3 is a fully modular audio power amplifier with a high-efficiency switch mode power supply (SMPS), independent, fully discrete, dual differential, high current, short signal path Class A/B amplifier modules, Optimized Class H™ power supply topology, and microprocessor-controlled fault protection.

      • The XPA-2 is powered by a high efficiency, audiophile grade, Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS).

      Audio Specifications

      The XPA-2 Gen3 features two of our High-Powered Single Channel Modules.  

      Audio Specifications (Two High-Powered Single Channel Modules):

      • Power Output:
        300 watts RMS/channel; 20 Hz – 20 kHz; THD<0.1%; 8 Ohms; one channel driven.
        550 watts RMS/channel; 20 Hz – 20 kHz; THD<0.2%; 4 Ohms; one channel driven.
        300 watts RMS/channel; THD<0.1%; 8 Ohms; two channels driven.
        490 watts RMS/channel; THD<0.1%; 4 Ohms; two channels driven.

      • Power Bandwidth (at rated power; 8 Ohm load): 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+ / – 0.1 dB).

      • Broad Band Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 80 kHz +0/-2 dB.

      • THD + noise: < 0.005%; at 100 watts RMS; 1 kHz; 8 Ohms.

      • Signal to Noise Ratio (8 Ohm load):
        > 117 dB; ref FTC rated power; unbalanced input (A-weighted).
        > 91 dB; ref 1 watt; unbalanced input (A-weighted).

      • Minimum Recommended Load Impedance (per channel): 4 Ohms
        (which equals one 4 Ohm load or two paralleled 8 Ohm loads).

      • Damping Factor (8 Ohm load): > 500.

      • Input Sensitivity (for rated power; 8 Ohm load): 1.5 V.

      • Gain: 29 dB.

      • Input Impedance:
        33 kOhms (balanced).
        23.5 kOhms (unbalanced).

      Input And Output Connections

      • Input Connections (High-Powered Single Channel Modules):
        Unbalanced (RCA); balanced (XLR); one each per channel, independently selectable.

      • Input Connections (Stereo Modules):
        2 Unbalanced (RCA); 2 balanced (XLR); two per channel, independently selectable.

      • Speaker Output Connections: Audiophile grade, gold plated, 5-way binding posts.

      • Trigger:
        Trigger Input: 5 – 12 V (AC or DC); <10 mA input current required.
        Trigger Output: 12 VDC; can drive any load up to 120 mA.

      Power Requirements

      • Between 100 VAC and 250 VAC @ 50 / 60 Hz (automatically detected).

      Front Panel Controls and Indicators

      • Standby: push button (halo ring changes color to indicate Standby or On).

      • Status LEDs: one per channel; blue.
        Status LEDs change to red to indicate a fault condition.

      Rear Panel Controls

      • AC Power switch: rocker switch (switches AC main power).

      • Status LEDs switch: disables front panel Status LEDs and dims Standby button halo.

      • Input selector switches (one per channel): 
        metal toggle switches; select between balanced and unbalanced inputs.

      • Circuit Breaker: press button to reset circuit breaker.


      • The XPA Gen3 is protected against excessive operating temperature, shorted speaker connections, ground faults, and other common fault conditions.


      • Dimensions:
        43.18 cm wide x 20.32 cm high x 48.26 cm deep (unboxed; including feet).
        43.18 cm wide x 17.78 cm high x 48.26 cm deep (unboxed; without feet).
        62.23 cm wide x 30.48 cm high x 62.87 cm deep (boxed).

      • Weight:
        16.11 kg (unboxed).
        18.38 kg (boxed).