Monitor Audio IWA-250 Switch Mode Amplifier - Ultra Sound & Vision

    Monitor Audio IWA-250 Switch Mode Amplifier

    R 8,250.00

      Monitor Audio IWA-250 Switch Mode Amplifier

      The third component in the in-wall subwoofer system is the IWA-250 switch mode amplifier: a slim, powerful dedicated design in a heavy-duty 1U rack mount case. Delivering up to 250 watts into 4 ohms, a single IWA-250 will power single or dual IWS-10s to provide higher power levels for larger rooms or to meet customer demands. The IWA-250 can be configured to switch on automatically using input signal sensing, or by using the preferred 12v trigger link from an AVR or system source. The IWA-250 will then automatically be switched on and off with the AVR, TV or system remote control handset.

      The amplifier utilises a cool running Class D power stage driven by a PWM supply with integrated DSP. Filtering and functionality are controlled in the software for precise and reliable operation. The IWA-250 offers a choice of single LFE, balanced XLR and stereo RCA inputs. Output connection is made via two sets of push type terminals to provide connection to one or a pair of IWS-10 drivers. The front panel allows access to all control features for easy adjustment when fitted into a rack bay. An EQ switch offers a selection of music, movie and impact presets for the ideal response in-room. There is also an enclosure switch to calibrate the drive characteristics when the IWS-10 is used within or without the IWB-10 back box.


      • Rigid, high quality steel case
      • Switch mode power supply
      • Class D power amplifier delivering up to 250watts into 4ohms (dual IWS-10 drivers)
      • High efficiency design resulting in cool running – low thermal output
      • DSP controlled with advanced limiters
      • <0.5watt standby power consumption (ErP certified)
      • DC short circuit protection, over-current and thermal protection


      Front Panel Features:

      • Volume Control
      • Enclosure switch (enclosure or open baffle)
      • EQ profile switch (music, movie, impact)
      • Phase switch (0-180)
      • Crossover control (variable low pass from 40-120Hz)
      • Mains power switch
      • Power mode switch (auto sense/trigger, off, on)
      • Power LED with fault indication.

      Rear Panel features

      • RCA stereo inputs
      • LFE input (RCA and balanced XLR)
      • Two sets of spring loaded push terminals for simple installation of one or two IWS-10
      • Fused IEC mains socket
      • Trigger input (3.5mm mono mini-jack socket)


      3mm thick fabricated steel case

      moulded ABS front trim panel

      Low Frequency Response: 25 Hz-120 Hz
      Maximum Power Output: 250 W @ 4 Ohms