Monitor Audio Silver 300 Cinema Package - Ultra Sound & Vision
Monitor Audio Silver 300 Cinema Package - Ultra Sound & Vision
Monitor Audio Silver 300 Cinema Package - Ultra Sound & Vision
Monitor Audio Silver 300 Cinema Package - Ultra Sound & Vision
Monitor Audio Silver 300 Cinema Package - Ultra Sound & Vision
Monitor Audio Silver 300 Cinema Package - Ultra Sound & Vision

    Monitor Audio Silver 300 Cinema Package

    R 130,299.00 R 160,010.00

      Monitor Audio Silver 300 Cinema Package - Black Oak

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      This package includes the following:

      • Denon AVC-X6700H Amplifier
      • Monitor Audio Silver 300 Floorstanding speaker - pair (Black Oak)
      • Monitor Audio C350 Centre Speaker - each (Black Oak)
      • Monitor Audio Silver FX Dipole Speakers - pair (Black Oak)
      • Monitor Audio Silver W12 Subwoofer - each (Black Oak)
      Denon AVR-X6500H AV Receiver with Dolby Atmos

      Premium 11.2 channel AV Surround Receiver with monolithic amplifier design, all 3D audio formats built-in, and unparalleled music playback options, thanks to our HEOS technology.
      The Amazon Alexa feature becomes available in Spring 2018. Availability varies by country.

      Enjoy the most complete surround sound experience with the latest audio formats Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D built-in. Most remarkably, the 11 channel amplification allows for setting up a full 7.1.4 3D experience without the need of an external amplifier. DTS Virtual:X™ adds the complete immersive experience regardless the number of speakers installed (this feature will be available via a free of charge firmware update in 2018).

      Monitor Audio Silver 300 Floorstanding Speakers

      The Monitor Audio Silver 300 floorstander retains the familiar award-winning configuration of its predecessor, with several crucial improvements to drivers. The full three-way design delivers class-leading mid-range, while a pair of long-throw 6½-inch bass drivers works together to produce incredible power from the tall, but slim cabinet design, making it the perfect choice for serious audiophile and AV installations.

      The three-way configuration allows each driver to be optimized to do a better job over a narrower frequency band; the only real way to deliver elevated performance in every respect. Superlatively natural mid-range comes courtesy of a dedicated 4-inch driver, specially designed with ‘under hung’ voice coil and motor system. This technique ensures the voice coil always remains in the magnetic gap under all conditions for demonstrably lower distortion than usually found at this level – an advance which can be immediately heard.

      Monitor Audio Silver C350 Centre Speaker

      The Silver C350 center speaker from Monitor Audio is designed for serious home theatre installations, where performance is the most critical factor. The three-way, four-driver configuration utilizes the same driver complement as the Silver 300 although, in this case, the bass drivers have been designed and tuned to work in a sealed box for easier placement in a cabinet or close to a boundary/wall. For the perfect A/V enjoyment, you can’t better the Silver C350 for crisp, articulate dialogue. Don’t miss a word.

      What makes the Silver C350 so special is the vertical orientation of the mid and tweeter axis which delivers the same directivity as the other speakers in the system. A high percentage of the total sound balance in a theatre system is delivered to the center channel (typically 60%), so this crucial speaker should not be overlooked when specifying a high-performance, no-compromise theatre system for the home.

      Monitor Audio Silver FX Dipole Speakers

      Enjoy the immersive quality of high-performance home cinema with Sliver’s specialized surround speaker. The discreetly profiled angled baffle design of the new Silver FX incorporates a single front-mounted 6” C-CAM® RST® bass/mid driver and twin side-mounted C-CAM tweeters. It can be flush-mounted on the side or rear walls and its dispersion characteristics changed at the flick of a switch for dipole or bi-pole operation.

      Monitor Audio Silver W12 Subwoofer

      The new Silver W12 active subwoofer introduces a number of new design developments housed in a compact high power unit. A new 500 watt DSP controlled amplifier utilizes advanced switch-mode power conversion techniques and superior processing to increase dynamic control and deliver far greater head-room. The W12’s sealed box construction ensures that this potent unity of power and control delivers tight, fast and tuneful bass all the way down to a thunderous 22Hz in a typical room set up. The sealed box, front-firing driver design makes for easy installation and EQ where close proximity to a room boundary may be necessary.