Polk LSiM704c Centre Channel Speaker - Each - Ultra Sound & Vision
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    Polk LSiM704c Centre Channel Speaker - Each

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      Polk LSiM704c Centre Channel Speaker - Each

      The All-Star Center

      Tired of turning your system up to hear the dialog and down because the effects are too loud? Then put your money in a high performance center channel speaker like the LSiM704c. Big enough to stand up to the power of the floorstanding LSiM705 or the LSiM703 bookshelf loudspeaker, you can use this center channel speaker to perfectly match the size and performance you're looking for. The LSiM704c has all the earmarks of a great center: crystalline detail, fast natural midrange and impactful bass. With its dynamic sonic engine, twin 5 1/4-inch woofers and a dual PowerPort® venting system, the LSiM704c will reveal the whisper, the shout and the thump-thump of the helicopter flying over.

      Dimensions - Product Weight (each) 12.6 kg
      Dimensions Enclosure Type - Mid-High Array Enclosure Type Sealed
      Dimensions Enclosure Type - Midwoofer Enclosure Type Dual PowerPort bass venting
      Driver Complement Mid / Woofer - Diameter 5 1/4" (13.34cm)
      Driver Complement Mid / Woofer - Quantity 2
      Driver Complement Mid / Woofer - Type Dynamic Balance driver with super cell aerated polypropylene cone
      Driver Complement Midrange - Diameter 3 1/4" (8.26cm)
      Driver Complement Midrange - Quantity 1
      Driver Complement Midrange - Type Dynamic Balance driver with super cell aerated polypropylene cone
      Driver Complement Tweeter - Diameter 1" (2.54cm)
      Driver Complement Tweeter - Quantity 1
      Driver Complement Tweeter - Type Dynamic Balance enhanced ring radiator tweeter
      Electrical - Efficiency 88 dB
      Electrical - Inputs Dual gold-plated binding posts
      Electrical - Lower -3dB Limit 70 Hz
      Electrical - Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
      Electrical - Recommended Amplifier Power 20-200 watts per channel
      Electrical - Total Frequency Response 40Hz-40kHz
      Electrical - Upper -3dB Limit 30 kHz
      Electrical Crossover - Midrange/midbass Crossover Frequency 280 Hz
      Electrical Crossover - Tweeter/midrange Crossover Frequency 2.5 kHz
      Electrical Crossover - Type Orth crossover design
      Shipping - Included Accessories Binding post jumpers, Owners manual, Registration card
      Shipping - Total Shipping Weight 13.2 kg
      Shipping - Unit of Measure Each