Polk Magnifi Max SR 5.1 Soundbar System - Ultra Sound & Vision
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    Polk Magnifi Max SR 5.1 Soundbar System

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      Polk Magnifi Max SR 5.1 Soundbar System

      Maximum-Performance True 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar and Wireless Rear 

      The Polk MagniFi MAX SR maximum-performance true 5.1 home theater sound bar system includes the MAX sound bar, wireless subwoofer and two wireless surround speakers for a bigger, more dynamic surround sound. Optimized for movies, TV, sports and music, the MAX delivers an audio experience far beyond that of traditional sound bars. It features patented SDA surround technology for a wider, more immersive listening experience and Polk Voice Adjust technology for crystal clear dialogue—and it’s equipped with Polk Smart Remote technology, so it works with your TV’s remote control right out of the box. Plus, the included HDMI (4k compatible) and optical cables make setup quick and easy. And, Google Chromecast Built-in and Bluetooth technologies let you stream all of your favorite music. Compatible with most major TV manufacturers.

      True 5.1 Surround Sound

      Seven driver array, the included powerful wireless subwoofer and the SR1 Wireless Surrounds create immersive multi-dimensional sound via 5.1 Dolby Digital, DTS and exclusive Polk SDA® surround technology, for incredible room-filling listening experience.

      Adjustable Wall-Mounting

      Unique wall-mounting system for horizontal adjustment to ensure the sound bar remains level and centered under your TV.

      Bluetooth Music Streaming

      Connect and play music directly from your smartphone, tablet or other compatible device.

      Easy Setup

      Works with your TV—HDMI and optical cables included.

      Low-Profile Design

      Slim design won’t block your TV’s remote sensor- only 2" tall.

      Exclusive Full Complement Deep Bass Technology

      The MagniFi MAX sound bar and the included 8” ported wireless subwoofer give you a massive boost of core-pounding deep bass impact that takes home theater and music listening to a whole new level.

      Movie, Music and Sport Modes

      One button preset EQ settings for Movies, Music and Sports (great for news and talks shows, too) optimize the sound bar and subwoofer to ensure you get the clearest dialogue, big surround sound and deep bass for the best audio and home theater experience.

      Night Mode

      Don’t wake your family or neighbors and stop straining to hear the evening news. With Night Mode, one button lowers the bass and increases Voice Adjust delivering clear dialogue all without raising the master volume.

      Polk Patented SDA® Surround Technology

      Patented Stereo Dimensional Array (SDA) surround technology creates an expansive soundstage and detailed stereo image, while delivering a natural multi-dimensional sound experience.

      Polk VoiceAdjust® Technology

      Customize the voice levels to reproduce clear, crisp dialogue and never miss a single word of your favorite movie, TV show or sporting event.

      Google Chromecast Built-in

      Stream music from your favorite apps over Wi-Fi, connect to your Google Home speaker to create a whole home audio system and use voice commands to control your music.