Rega Ania Moving Coil Cartridge - Ultra Sound & Vision
Rega Ania Moving Coil Cartridge - Ultra Sound & Vision

    Rega Ania Moving Coil Cartridge

    R 16,900.00


      Rega Ania Moving Coil Cartridge


      The Ania was inspired by the success of our Apheta and Aphelion MC models. Ania uses the same complex hand wound micro coil found in the rest of the range, and is housed in a unique PPS highly rigid body. This body is an exceptionally accurate design that includes Rega’s three point fixing to optimise connection to the tonearm headshell and automatically sets overhang when fitted to a Rega tonearm. The new body is protected by a CAD designed, clear rigid cover to protect the internal fine wires, making handling whilst fitting, safe and risk free. The Ania features a super high-powered, neodymium magnet and a coil meticulously hand wound on to an iron micro cross. This miniature assembly allows us greater freedom to track the vinyl groove ensuring even more detail is extracted from the vinyl.
      When we decided to produce a Moving Coil cartridge at half the cost of the Apheta 3, the special aluminium body could not be used, it was simply too expensive. The solution lay in an unusual polymer/glass combination called Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS-Fortron). With 40% glass, this material could be moulded and would solve the cost problem. The special attributes of this material are its hardness and stability in shape and dimension post moulding, both critical for the performance of Ania. Now came the challenge. Rega designed and prototyped using SLA systems in just a few months, proving the validity of the design direction. Now we had to design a production mould tool capable of extreme accuracy and long life. PPS is a difficult polymer to mould and requires special attention to how the mould tool operates. Couple this to an almost unmouldable complex shape of the Ania body and a very considerable challenge faced the Rega engineers and the toolmakers chosen.


      Tracking Pressure  1.75 - 2.00 g

      Input Load Impedance

      100 Ω

      Output Impedance

      ​10 Ω

      Nominal output voltage

      350 μV

      Channel Balance

      ≥ 20 μV


      ≥ -29 dB


      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester