Rotel RC1590 Stereo Pre-amplifier - Ultra Sound & Vision

    Rotel RC1590 Stereo Pre-amplifier

    R 46,790.00

      Rotel RC1590 Stereo Pre-amplifier

      • Twin toroidal transformers tomaximize analogue/digital circuit isolation
      • TI precision volume control IC
      • MM Phono input
      • Three line-level analogue inputstages (CD, Tuner and Aux),
      • Six digital input stages (threecoax; three optical)
      • 32bit 768kHz Asahi Kasei Digitalto Analogue Converter
      • Internal Bluetooth modulesupports both APTX and standard SBC
      • Front facing USB input foriPod/iPad connections with 2.1A charging capability
      • Rear panel PC-USB 24bit 192KHzinput supports Windows, MAC and DoP (DSD over PCM).
      • Tone control cut/boost up to 10dB
      • Balanced (XLR) input stages
      • Twin balanced (XLR) andsingle-ended (phono) output stages
      • Twin sub-woofer outputs
      • Front panel status display

      The intention behind the RC-1590 was to create a reference quality stereo preamplifier to perfectly partner with the new RB-1590 stereo power ampli?er. Ithas been engineered to the highest audio performance levels and also providesan incredible level of control and ?exibility.

      Thecircuit design starts with a high performance power supply consisting of twoRotel custom designed and built toroidal transformers to provide isolationbetween the analogue and digital signals. They are part of a reference-gradepower supply consisting of individual analogue and digital regulator circuitswith custom-made slit-foil capacitors. Slit-foil capacitors have very quickcharge/discharge times and low signal loss ensuring tight bass performance.

      Everyaspect of component selection and circuit topography has been designed andcarefully evaluated during multiple listening sessions to ensure the highest?delity. For example, analogue and digital circuits were designed separately byspecialised Rotel teams and then combined within the product. Analogue inputsemploy low noise circuits and include a high performance moving magnet phonostage. Digital inputs are fully isolated and feature a precision AKM, 32bit768kHz Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC).

      Otherfeatures include a remote control handset, 2 x 12-volt trigger outputs, adimmable display, an automatic power off function (con?gurable 1 hour, 2 hour,5 hour, 12 hour, or disabled), RS232 and IP control for automation systemintegration, Internet based software updates, Rotel Link connection, anexternal IR remote input, and a front mounted 3.5mm headphone output jack.

      Formusic enthusiasts who will not accept compromise, the RC-1590 preampli?er is ina class by itself, at a price that belies its superb performance.