SVS PB-16 Ultra Subwoofer - Ultra Sound & Vision

    SVS PB-16 Ultra Subwoofer

    R 93,950.00

      SVS PB-16 Ultra Subwoofer

      PB16-Ultra features a massive 16” Ultra driver with astonishing 8" edge wound voice coil, a stunningly powerful 1,500 watts continuous, 5,000+ watts peak power Sledge amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output, triple 3.5" front-firing high-flow ports and an innovative subwoofer control and DSP smartphone app with custom presets for precise tuning.

      Pushing the driver are four massive, dedicated toroidal ferrite magnets that unleash a staggering 95mm peak to peak Xmech excursion (82mm Xmax) and the highest levels of motor force and palpable SPLs. The light and rigid 16” Ultra driver cone consists of a premium fibreglass resin composite with optimal stiffness to mass ratio to maximize movement of air and sonic energy without ever distorting or losing control.

      Conservatively rated at 1,500 watts continuous, 5,000+ watts peak power, the PB16-Ultra Sledge STA-1500D amplifier’s 64 Amp 200-Volt MOSFETs are the sonic muscle behind arguably the most powerful and highest fidelity subwoofer amplifier ever developed. 

      Compatible with Apple® and Android® platforms, the innovative PB16-Ultra smartphone app unleashes the full depth, force and nuance of the world’s finest subwoofer. The groundbreaking SVS subwoofer app controls all DSP functions and conveniently stores custom presets. It’s the easiest way ever to fine-tune bass surpassing 16Hz at reference volumes from the comfort of your favourite seat.

      A subwoofer capable of creating such extreme levels of sonic energy requires a formidable cabinet design. The PB16-Ultra is built with a double-thick MDF front baffle and rigid internal bracing to support the massive drive unit and to ensure an acoustically inert environment.


      Subwoofer Black Oak and Piano Gloss Black finish options

      Protective non-resonant steel mesh grille

      Front-firing 16" driver

      Rear-mounted amplifier

      Triple front-firing flared high-flow ports

      Screw-in rubber feet

      Robust Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF) cabinet construction

      Cabinet Dimensions: 25" (H) x 21.7" (W) x 28.3" (D) (without grille)

      Cabinet Dimensions (with grille): 25” (H) X 21.7” (W) X 30.9” (D)

      Shipped Dimensions: 34.2" H X 27.5" W X 38.6" D

      Driver SVS 16” Ultra-series driver

      Powder-coated cast aluminium basket

      Four high-grade ferrite magnets

      Finite Element Analysis (FEA)-optimized motor structure

      Dual shorting rings reduce gap induction and lower distortion

      Extended pole piece improves heat sink and thermal management properties

      8” diameter, high-power edge wound voice coil

      95mm peak to peak Xmech excursion (82mm Xmax)

      Upgraded Nomex spider for improved linearity and driver control at extreme drive levels

      Dual 24-strand copper and Nomex composite high-temperature leads provide a pristine electrical connection from the amplifier to the voice coil

      Premium glass fibre laminated dustcap and reinforced composite cone sub-structure ensure a light, ridged, and neutral radiating surface

      Low-creep rubber long-throw surround for excellent durability and longevity

      Amp Sledge STA-1500D DSP amplifier

      1,500 watts RMS continuous (5,000+ watts peak dynamic)

      Efficient and cool-running Class D topology

      High-resolution 50Mhz Analog Devices Audio DSP with double precision 56bit filtering is most advanced subwoofer processor available for perfect audio reproduction

      Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) ensures the cleanest 1500W output regardless of your home mains supply

      XLR and RCA stereo input/output with ultra-wide input voltage for consumer and professional audio applications

      Convenient front-mounted display with subwoofer controls and 8-digit LED display

      Groundbreaking Subwoofer Control and Bass Management Smartphone App for Apple and Android Devices

      IR Remote Control

      Three user adjustable parametric EQs

      Continuously variable volume/gain control

      Continuously variable (0-180 degrees) phase control

      Continuously variable (30-200 Hz) 6, 12, 18, or 24 dB/octave low pass filter frequency with disable/LFE setting

      Main power rocker switch

      Auto-On / On / Trigger Controls

      3-12V trigger with 1/8” (3.5 mm) TRS mini-jack input

      Green standby mode with > 0.5 watts consumption

      Input impedance 22kohm (RCA)/ 22kohm (XLR).

      RoHS compliant, lead-free construction and world-wide safety certifications

      Detachable power cord