Velodyne DB8 8

    Velodyne DB8 8" Subwoofer - each

    R 17,999.00

      Velodyne DB8 8" Subwoofer - each

      Velodyne Acoustics Deep Blue Series

      Pressurized, precise low frequency for every living ambiance

      The Deep Blue Series combines all the benefits of Velodyne Acoustics subwoofers in a living room-friendly format. The frequency response of the front-firing drivers, designed from the ground up, extends deep into the frequency basement for impressive home theater experiences.


      • Quad voice coil provides high efficiency, fast rise times and pulse fidelity with double ferrite magnets
      • Enclosed cabinet made of solid MDF material prevents distortion and vibration
      • With adjustable level, crossover frequency and phase, the Deep Blue subwoofers can be flexibly adapted to the listening room and existing equipment
      • For connectivity, RCA input jacks are provided for the left and right channels, as well as a dedicated subwoofer input with loop-through capability


      Driver 8ā€³ forward firing
      Amplifier Class AB 800 watts dynamic

      300 watts RMS power

      Frequency Response: Overall

      Frequency Response: (Ā± 3 dB)

      18 ā€“ 300 Hz

      32 ā€“ 180 Hz

      Low Pass Crossover 50 Hz to 180 Hz (12 dB/Octave)
      Phase 0 to 180 degrees
      Cabinet Design MDF Closed Box with 52mm / 2ā€ front Baffle
      Magnet Structure Dual ferrite magnet motor
      Woofer 8ā€ high excursion double vented basket driver with PP enforced Membrane
      Voice Coil Four Layer 2ā€³ / 52mm Voice coil
      Input Gold Plated Line in Stereo RCA, LFE in, Nickel Plated High-level
      Output Gold plated LFE /RCA
      Power Selector Off / Auto / On
      Finishes Black
      Dimensions (H/W/D) (includes feet and connectors) 26x28 x29 cm
      Weight (approx) 9 kg
      Shipping Weight (approx) ā€“