Velodyne MicroVee X Subwoofer - Ultra Sound & Vision
Velodyne MicroVee X Subwoofer - Ultra Sound & Vision

    Velodyne MicroVee X Subwoofer

    R 27,999.00

      Velodyne MicroVee X Subwoofer

      Impressive low frequency response, minimal space requirement

      Amazing bass performance in a compact size

      The MicroVee MKII combines Velodyne Acoustics’ patented technologies in a living room-friendly enclosure.

      The MicroVee X from Velodyne Acoustics is designed to deliver the best music and home theater experience from the smallest possible enclosure. The subwoofer can be inconspicuously accommodated in virtually any home. The Digital Drive Control System (DDCS) and the powerful Class D amplifier ensure precise and low-distortion bass reproduction.


      • A 6.5-inch active driver combined with two side-mounted passive radiators deliver powerful, musical bass.
      • Velodyne Acoustics’ Subwoofer Direct feature optionally bypasses the internal crossover, for best performance in any system.
      • At 2,000 watts, the Class D digital amplifier offers extreme power levels with very low distortion and accurate bass.
      • DDCS reduces distortion to 1/6 of the values of comparable subwoofers.
      The ultra-compact MicroVee X

      combines patented core technologies from the subwoofer experts at Velodyne Acoustics. Thus, the Digital Drive Control system and the Energy Recovery System can be accommodated in the smallest space and deliver impressive low-frequency reproduction with minimal space requirements. Measuring 22.9 x 22.9 x 24.4 cm with a 6.5-inch driver, the subwoofer is one of Velodyne Acoustics’ smallest – but with precise bass, it comes up big.


      Driver 8″ forward firing
      Amplifier Class AB 800 watts dynamic

      300 watts RMS power

      Frequency Response: Overall

      Frequency Response: (± 3 dB)

      18 – 300 Hz

      32 – 180 Hz

      Low Pass Crossover 50 Hz to 180 Hz (12 dB/Octave)
      Phase 0 to 180 degrees
      Cabinet Design MDF Closed Box with 52mm / 2” front Baffle
      Magnet Structure Dual ferrite magnet motor
      Woofer 8” high excursion double vented basket driver with PP inforced Membrane
      Voice Coil Four Layer 2″ / 52mm Voicecoil
      Input Gold Plated Line in Stereo RCA, LFE in, Nickel Plated Highlevel
      Output Gold plated LFE /RCA
      Power Selector Off / Auto / On
      Finishes Black
      Weight (approx) 9 kg