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Velodyne SPL-X 12
Velodyne SPL-X 12

    Velodyne SPL-X 12" Subwoofer

    R 54,999.00

      Velodyne SPL-X 12" Subwoofer

      With the SPL-X series, Velodyne Acoustics follows the lead of SPL Ultra and the legendary DD series.
      An automatic room calibration ensures the best, distortion-free bass and a multitude of high-quality connections ensures a trouble-free connection.


      • Powerful Class AB power amplifiers and 65-millimeter voice coils ensure powerful low-frequency reproduction.
      • The automatic room calibration including microphone and stand ensures the best, distortion-free bass at any place.
      • With RCA LFE, RCA stereo, XLR LFE, XLR stereo and a speaker input, there is nothing left to be desired in terms of connection selection.
      • The presets Movie, Jazz/Classic, Rock/R&B and Game provide the right bass sound for all situations.

      Low-distortion low-frequency sound has never been so uncomplicated and powerful: The SPL-X series transforms the incoming LFE signal into precise bass and can be conveniently controlled via remote control. The potent AB amplifiers of the 12- and 10-inch subwoofers, along with the four-layer 65-millimeter voice coils in the SPL 1200-X and SPL-1000-X, provide the power for low frequencies. To ensure that the selection is optimally suited to every living situation, additional SPL-X units with 8- and 15-inch drivers will follow later in the year. Thanks to DSPs, the reproduction is precisely tuned to the room and comes into its own perfectly with both action-packed movies and music. For additional tuning to individual tastes, it is also possible to choose between several presets.

      The connection-friendly subwoofers of the SPL-X series
      do not only have the usual standard Cinch stereo and Cinch LFE, but can also fall back on XLR stereo and XLR LFE. For individual fine-tuning after calibration, the subwoofer is also equipped with a variable crossover and phase control, which allow the bass to play perfectly with the other speakers in the system.

      The SPL-X series also has an automatic equalizer that can be conveniently operated remotely and is compatible with the in-house app.