Sonos Play 5 Wireless Speaker-Black

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The ultimate all-in-one listening experience with the deepest, richest HiFi sound.

The Play:5's simplicity and superb sound make this an ideal one-box network player

Sonos Play 5 Wireless Speaker

Original, bigger room, bigger sound wireless speaker

The PLAY:5 uses 5 state-of-the-art digital amplifiers individually coupled with 5 speakers to deliver superior sound to any room. A subwoofer produces powerful bass while two mid-range drivers and two tweeters fill out the sound.

Sonos will now operate across your existing WiFi network. If you have a great WiFi signal at home, simply set up a Sonos speaker wirelessly on your home WiFi network using the free Sonos controller app. This then allows you to enjoy your Sonos speakers in perfect sync, in every room. 

If your home WiFi network isn’t quite reliable enough, Sonos offers a dedicated wireless network, eliminating interference and increasing range. You simply connect a Sonos Bridge to your router to create a completely separate wireless network. This then runs independently to your WiFi network, erradicating any interference from non-Sonos wireless devices.

The Play:5 is a quality solution which plays back music stored on your home network, or over 25,000 Internet radio stations. Control the Play:5 from your computer, using a CR200 wireless touchscreen controller or using the free app Sonos have created for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices (see video below). 

What's more, you don't need to splurge on a full Sonos multiroom system to enjoy the Play:5. The Play:5 can be hard-wired into your router, or just plug a Sonos ZoneBridge in to your router to enable easy, wireless hookup of 1 or more Play:5s. But why stop there? You can enjoy music in every room with additional ZonePlayers. Two Play:5s make a perfect wireless stereo pair, or an ideal start to your multi-room system. 

Take further advantage of the Play:5's high-performance, stereo amplifier and speaker system, thanks to spare inputs which enable easy MP3 or DAB radio connection - get proper hifi performance without the rigmarole. And, when the music becomes a distraction, just connect headphones! 

In addition to the thousands of Internet radio, Napster and on-demand services, the Spotify service is also now available on Sonos, putting over 8 million tracks at your finger tips. All you need to do is create a Spotify Premium account, and you'll be able to access Spotify's huge on-line library. No more ripping CDs or waiting for music to download, simply stream from Spotify (see the video below). And it's all controllable from your smartphone or computer.  

Thanks to Sonos' unique wireless mesh technology, the Play:5 runs off it's own network, meaning you can play back different music in each room, or the same music perfectly synchronised in all zones, with no drop-out in connection and without draining your home broadband connection.  

Get your multi-room system started today, and enjoy all the music in the world, in every room, wirelessly, with the Sonos Play:5. 


Compatibility MAC OSX 10.4 or higher. Windows XP service pack 2 or later. Network attached storage devices supporting Common Internet File System (CIFS). (First Play:5 requires either of an Ethernet network connection for wired use, or a Sonos ZoneBridge for wireless hookup. Futher Play:5s connect wirelessly without the need for additional hardware. Internet radio requires a broadband Internet connection).

Works with, Napster, Pandora, Rhapsody 3.0+, SIRIUS Internet Radio, and downloads from any service offering DRM-free tracks, including iTunes.

Streams MP3 and WMA from internet radio and plays MP3, iTunes Plus, WAV, FLAC, WMA lossless, WMA, Apple Lossless, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Audible and AIFF from network connected devices. Supports iTunes, Rhapsody, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, and MusicMatch playlists
Controls Power, volume and mute. Use the optional CR200 wireless touchscreen controller, an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android device or your PC or Mac for full control of your playlists, internet radio stations and zones
Finish Black with matching metallic grille.
Inputs Stereo line in (via 3.5mm stereo minijack - ideal for connecting iPods or portable MP3/CD/MiniDisc players)
Networking Uses SonosNet wireless mesh networking with Advanced Encryption System (AES) security. When multiple ZonePlayers are connected wirelessly each one acts as a wireless repeater, boosting the signal distance over that of a normal wireless router. Up to 32 ZonePlayers can be connected to one mesh network. At least one ZonePlayer or optional ZoneBridge must be connected to a network to communicate with computers, internet routers and network attached storage

SonosNet can be used as an alternative to standard wifi by making wired connections to computers from ZonePlayers

2 x Ethernet (RJ45) connectors
Outputs Headphones out (via 3.5mm stereo minijack)
Software Free Sonos Player software for PC or Mac included. Requires a PC running Windows XP service pack 2 or higher or Mac running OS X v10.4 or higher. Once registered Sonos will send software updates

Your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch can be turned into a full featured Sonos controller with a free app
Sound system Five class D digital amplifiers, one for each speaker driver

MF: 2 x 3" mid-range
HF: 2 x tweeters
LF: 1 x 3.5" woofer
Supplied accessories Line-in audio cable, flat Ethernet cable, Sonos System Setup software CD-ROM, Product Guide and Setup Poster
W x H x D (mm) 365 x 217 x 123

More Information
Bookshelf Speaker No
Power Handling N/A
Sensitivity N/A
Recommended Amplifier Requirements N/A
Cabinet Design N/A
Crossover Frequency: N/A
Drive Unit Complement N/A
External Dimensions (H x W x D mm)
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