Connected home & gadgets

Take charge of your smart home using voice commands and smart buttons when you're in. Control everything via smartphone or tablet app while you're out. You can even control home appliances remotely.

Get super-fast wi-fi throughout your entire home. The latest 'mesh' wi-fi tech ensures everyone gets fast, reliable broadband throughout the home with no blackspots.

smart gadgets

Smart home control

Think out loud to control your home by voice with an Alexa, Siri or Google speaker. Simply tell it to turn on the heating or play an album.


Mesh wi-fi

Get fast, reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home without ever fiddling with settings. The latest "mesh" systems work seamlessly together with no blackspots.


Smart electricals

Home appliances large and small can now come with Wi-Fi connectivity. Control and keep an eye them from anywhere. 

Wi-fi extras

If you already have Wi-Fi set up, simple gadgets like range extenders and powerline networks help make it go further.