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    Our range of speaker cables feature the very best brands on the market including QED, The Chord Company and more. If you need any help or assistance choosing a speaker cable or amplifier lead that will suit your needs, feel free to get in-touch with us.

    Speaker Cables

    Audioquest Castle Rock Speaker Cable

    R 39,490.00

    Audioquest Rocket 88 Speaker Cable

    R 29,390.00

    Chord Company Sarum T speaker cable

    R 28,792.00R 35,990.00

    Audioquest Interconnect Crimp Tool - Each

    R 20,690.00

    Audioquest Rocket 44 Speaker Cable

    R 15,990.00

    Audioquest Rocket 33 Speaker Cable

    R 11,690.00

    Chord Company Epic Reference speaker cable

    R 27,432.00R 34,290.00

    Wireworld Luna 8 Speaker Cable - 3m

    R 5,300.00

    Audioquest ITC RCA Plugs - Pack of 50

    R 4,390.00

    Wireworld Stream 8 Speaker Cable - 3m

    R 3,900.00

    Chord Company C-Screen Speaker Cable - 3m

    R 2,792.00R 3,490.00

    Audioquest ITC F Connector - Pack of 50

    R 2,690.00