Frequently asked questions

Q: How many branches do you have?

A: We have only the one shop based in Johannesburg.

Q: Is everything listed online available for demo?

A: No. For our demo facilities we have selected a few of the best value for money and best sounding systems at different price points. Special arrangements can be made where possible should you require to view something that is not on demo at that moment. Click here to see our showrooms

Q: I am having issues paying with my credit card that i frequently use online?

A: Your credit card has to be 3D secured to work on our site. This is a feature that is enabled by your bank. Almost all South African bank cards should now be 3D secure. Contact your bank for more information.

Q: I just placed an order and I need it shipped ASAP, is it possible?

A: All products are kept at our warehouses, with at least 24-48 hrs to get items ready to ship to you, unless otherwise stated. We can ship via our normal channels which is road freight. Should you require a faster method you can either arrange for your freight to collect or pay for the air freight or next day service. Check in-store for feasibility to your area.

Q: I live in a remote area can you ship to me?

A: We offer free shipping to any part of South Africa where our freight companies have access to. If we are unable to effect delivery to you we will be in contact to ask for an alternative shipping address?

Q: Can you ship to my Post box address?

A: No we do not ship to a PO Box.

Q: I just purchased a system but need help installing it, Is that something you do?

A: Yes we are a custom install shop and have teams that are dedicated to help you specifically with installations. They are normally booked ahead of time please contact us to check the next available date. They will charge you for the time they spend on the installation and any extra gear they provide to get your system up and running. 

Q: Can I return a product that I purchased but am not pleased with?

A: Once a unit has been opened you will be charged a handling fee of 20% on returning it. This option is only available for the first 5 days after your purchase was made. The unit will be tested before a refund is effected if damaged the return will be rejected.

Q: Who carries the warranty of the products on this website?

A: All warranties are carried by the respective import agents who are in turn the representatives of the brands they carry. For example a Denon Importer is essentially Denon South Africa.

Q: What do I do if my unit gets faulty and needs a repair?

A: For every brand we carry you can bring the unit back to us and we will submit the repair to the technicians on your behalf.

Q: My unit is under warranty will I pay repair fees?

A: All damage is assessed by well trained technicians. In most cases there will be no charge, but depending on the nature of the damage the technicians reserve the right to charge you.

Q: I think my unit was struck by lightning or electric surge can it be repaired?

A: If the technician confirms lightning or surge damage, the unit will 9/10 be written off. Lightning causes latent defects or intermittent faults to pop up. This means the unit if repaired will never work to its full potential as such is deemed unrepairable. An insurance letter will be issued.

Q: Can I unplug HDMI cables while the amplifier and TV are on?

A: This is termed hot swopping. HDMI cables carry a small voltage on them, if unplugged or plugged in when the two devices are on the amplifier can blow the HDMI board.

Q: I damaged the physical housing of my unit can it be refurbished?

A: No. None of the brands we carry can be refurbished on a structural level. 

Q: I want to purchase a unit, can you write me an insurance letter for my old unit?

A: Insurance reports can only be written by technicians for that specific brand or a generic repair centre that repairs all items.