Home security & safety

Secure your home in a thoroughly modern way. Answer the doorbell from anywhere in the world. You can even unlock the door and disarm the alarm remotely for a tradesperson or delivery, using a smartphone or tablet app.

Smart cameras can recognise family members whilst alerting you to intruders, smart smoke alarms will give you early warning before a fire really gets started, smart carbon monoxide alarms can automatically turn off the boiler.



Wireless cameras can alert you to unusual activity wherever you are. Some are also smart enough to recognise faces, know when a baby cries or alert you to a smoke alarm.


These clever little Bluetooth fobs help ensure you never lose keys, wallets, bags and other everyday items again. Locate your belongings easily via app. Know when family members return home even if you’re out.

Sensors & alarms

The latest wireless smoke alarms all sound when one detects a fire plus you get an app alert. They can even turn on the lights in the event of a fire, to aid escape.

Security systems

Whole-home security goes wireless with sensors for doors, windows and motion. Disarm with a code or a phone tap. Get a call or message if something's not right.