Real rewards begin the moment you create an account.  You can spend them right away. No minimum orders to use them. Just real rewards. As you spend more with us we reward you more to say thank you.

  • Every R1 you spend you earn 1 point (excluding discounted sale items)

  • 100 points are worth R10


How to check your Points Balance

To use the points firstly you need to be logged in to your customer account. If you have not created an account you can follow this guide:

Step 1

Click on the red icon at the bottom of your screen.


If you have an account you can login, if you are a new client you can create an account.



Once logged in you will be taken to the account page. The Red button at the bottom now shows the value of the points you have accumulated.



Step 2

Go to the product you wish to purchase.


  1. This is the monetary value of the product you seek to purchase.
  2. This is the points value in Rands that you currently have. You can use points to pay for a fraction or the full amount of the final cart value on checkout. To create a discount code please click on the red button.

Step 3


Main Menu, this shows you the available points options and information.


    • Rewards info: Your Discount Codes
    • Earning Reward Points: Current active ways you can earn points
    • Account Details: Takes you to your Account page
    • Account Activity: Shows you how you used and earned your points.
    • Log Out: Logs out of your account
    • Click here to create a discount code. See step 4.
    • The last discount code you created
    • This takes you to a list of your discount codes. 

    Step 4

    1. Check your Point balance and its value.
    2. Decide how many points you seek to redeem and enter the info into the right field.
    3. Click create discount to get a discount code to use on checkout. Please note you can not reverse this stage.
    4. If you decide to not redeem your points after generating a code you can find your code in an email that already been sent to you, or on the Rewards info section.

    Step 5

    Once you have added all your items to the cart you can go to checkout. Paste the discount code you received in the Discount Code box as shown in the image below:


      *Ultra Sound & Vision reserves the right to refuse any promotions or cancel any promotional coupons or points without notice.