Speakercraft SC-RS8Si 8-inch Outdoor Rock Speaker - Ultra Sound & Vision
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    Speakercraft SC-RS8Si 8-inch Outdoor Rock Speaker

    R 15,890.00

      Speakercraft SC-RS8Si 8-inch Outdoor Rock Speaker


      8" two-way, dual tweeter stereo input rock loudspeaker, with living-room-quality sound outdoors. Can be used in mono, two-speaker stereo, or single-speaker stereo input. No-fade protective paint and weatherproof design that surpasses military standard 883 for corrosion resistance. Colors: Granite (shown), Sandstone, Shale Brown, and Speckled Granite.


      Low Diffraction MicroPerf Aluminum Grilles

      With hundreds of precisely sized perforations, we created an acoustically transparent grille. The painted rust-resistant aluminum grille construction resists oxidation adding to the speaker’s durability.

      Weather Tested, Mother Nature Approved

      Each cabinet is made of a custom multi-layer fiberglass construction, with double seals on the tweeter, woofer and enclosure cover. These speakers have been put to the test and can withstand the harshest conditions Mother Nature can throw at them.

      Optimal Tweeter Alignment

      Fluid-cooled tri-laminate Teteron tweeters are angled twenty degrees up from the woofer. On the dual tweeter Si Models the tweeters are angled twenty degrees from each other. Providing improved coverage and dispersion since the tweeters are “aimed” at the listener and not at the ground. listening—automatically.

      Dual Voice Coil Woofer (Si Models Only)

      The dual voice coil design of the Si Models have the added advantage of being able to play in stereo when wired in Stereo Input mode.

      Injection Molded TCC Woofer

      The unusually stiff and light injection molded TCC (talc, carbon, and ceramic-filled) polypropylene cone, the butyl rubber surround, and the substantial magnet and motor structure are optimized for large excursions of the woofer. In this way, the woofer can create superior bass output.

      Dual Precision Crossovers (Si Models Only)

      A customized electronic dividing network inside the cabinet precisely distributes the music to the woofer and each tweeter, keeping the two channels completely isolated from each other. The three pole two-way design of the crossover provides excellent stereo imaging into each channel, low distortion and superior sonic performance

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester