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Power Conditioning and Lightning Protection

IsoTek Mosaic Genesis Power Conditioning System

R 165,000.00

Furman IT-Reference 16E i Discrete Asymmetrical AC Power Conditioner

R 125,690.00

Furman SPR-16E i Stable Power AC Voltage Regulator

R 80,890.00

Furman F1500-UPS E Battery Backup Power Conditioner

R 45,990.00

Isotek V5 Aquarius Power Conditioner

R 44,990.00

IsoTek EVO3 Synchro Power Cable

R 44,990.00

SineTamer LA-ST603Y2 3-Phase DB Protector

R 34,350.00

Furman Elite-16 PF E i Ultra-Linear AC Power Conditioner

R 33,990.00

Furman AC-210 E Compact Power Conditioner 5 Pack

R 28,450.00R 33,450.00

SineTamer RM-ST403Y2 3-Phase DB Board Surge Protector

R 23,550.00

Furman Elite-10 E i Linear Filtering AC Power Conditioner

R 22,190.00

Furman PL-PRO DMCE Power Conditioner

R 21,690.00