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    Our range of speaker cables feature the very best brands on the market including QED, The Chord Company and more. If you need any help or assistance choosing a speaker cable or amplifier lead that will suit your needs, feel free to get in-touch with us.

    Speaker Cables

    Van Den Hul The Magnum per metre

    R 1,050.00

    Van Den Hul THE D–352 HYBRID Speaker Cable

    R 690.00

    Van Den Hul CS – 122 HYBRID per metre

    R 419.00

    Van Den Hul THE ARCTIC per metre

    R 275.00

    Van den Hul THE CLEARWATER per metre

    R 269.00

    Van Den Hul THE GOLDWATER Speaker Cable - per metre

    R 255.00

    Van den Hul THE SNOWLINE per metre

    R 179.00

    Van Den Hul THE SKYLINE HYBRID per metre

    R 139.00

    Van Den Hul THE CT 2 X 18 FEP Speaker Cable - per metre

    R 105.00

    Van Den Hul THE TWIN per metre

    R 79.00