JVC DLA-NZ8 D-ILA projector - Ultra Sound & Vision
JVC DLA-NZ8 D-ILA projector - Ultra Sound & Vision
JVC DLA-NZ8 D-ILA projector - Ultra Sound & Vision
JVC DLA-NZ8 D-ILA projector - Ultra Sound & Vision
JVC DLA-NZ8 D-ILA projector - Ultra Sound & Vision
JVC DLA-NZ8 D-ILA projector - Ultra Sound & Vision

    JVC DLA-NZ8 D-ILA projector

    R 499,999.00

      JVC DLA-NZ8 D-ILA projector


      The DLA-NZ8 D-ILA projector is the world's first home theatre projector to feature 8K/60p/4K120p input. It is equipped with a new 8K/e-shiftX proprietary technology to reproduce 8K-quality images. The projector is driven by three native 4K D-ILA devices, a high-quality 65 mm glass lens, and an Ultra-High Brightness of 2,500 lumens. The BLU-Escent laser diode light source also contributes to project images that come close to reality. Compatible with the latest HDR10+, the projector boasts industry-leading HDR performance. 8K, Laser, and HDR are the keywords that describe JVC's DLA-NZ8. *As a home theatre projector, as of September 2021, according to research by JVCKENWOOD.

         Frame Adapt HDR Generation 2

        The Frame Adapt HDR technology, which uses a proprietary algorithm to instantaneously analyze the maximum brightness of HDR10 content per frame and adjust the dynamic range in real time to the optimum range for video projection on projectors, has evolved into the second generation. As the culmination of the HDR image processing technology that we have cultivated up to now, we have completely reexamined the tone mapping algorithm in accordance with the scene and frame, and have achieved HDR images with higher definition and full of three-dimensional feeling by suppressing the whiteness especially in the high brightness area.


         Light source control by Gauge

        Laser light source adjustment function that can be finely adjusted according to the environment and preference. After the update from the previous 3 steps, fine adjustment of 0 -100 steps is possible, and adjustment based on the brightness on the screen and flexible setting according to the use environment are possible.

         USB Back-up

        USB backup function that can save and write all settings at once.

        This function saves the settings on the main unit menu to a commercially available USB flash drive. Professional adjustments can be saved or backed up in advance to undo unintended adjustments by children or family members.



        • Newly developed 8K/e-shiftX technology reproduces 8K image quality
        • BLU-Escent Laser Light Source
        • High brightness of 2,500 lm provides vibrant and dynamic images
        • Native Contrast Ratio of 80,000:1 translates to a spectacular Dynamic Contrast Ratio of ∞ :1
        • 2x HDMI (48 Gbps, HDCP 2.3) inputs, supporting 8K60P and 4K120P input signals
        • HDR10+ contains the metadata of the producer’s intentions for each scene, and with such data, the projector is able to automatically reproduce images as the creator intended.
        • Frame Adapt HDR dynamically tone maps any HDR10 content frame-by-frame or scene-by-scene and automatically performs adjustment to achieve optimal images close to reality as seen by human eyes. As a part the Frame Adapt HDR, the projector offers improved gamma processing accuracy from 12- to 18-bit equivalent to reproduce smoother and finer gradation. Additional Frame Adapt HDR picture modes allows for optimum playback with the widest variety of lighting conditions or theater environments. *
        • Theater Optimizer function, which works in Frame Adapt HDR mode, offers optimum HDR images by analyzing usage environments using the screen size and gain information and intelligently adjusts tone mapping. HDR Quantizer with New Auto (Wide) level mode provides brighter/more dynamic HDR images.*
        • Auto Tone Mapping function automatically adjusts settings for optimum HDR10 image quality.
        • New FILMMAKER MODE™ that faithfully recreates the creator’s intentions.




          D-ILA Technology


         Chip Type

        0.69-inch 4K D-ILA device

         Native Resolution

        4096 x 2160

         Number Of Chips




         Display Resolution

        8192 x 4320

         Light Source




        BLU-Escent Laser Diode

         Life Time (Standard Mode)

        20000 hours



        2500 lm

         Dynamic Contrast

        ∞ : 1

         Native Contrast

        80000 : 1

         Dynamic Light Power control



        Mode 1 (gentle), Mode 2 (strong), Off

         Manual Aperture



        -15 (stops down) to 0 (opens up)

         DCI-P3 Color Gamut


         100% REC 709


         Color Bit Depth

        12 bit






         Frame Adapt HDR


         Theater Optimizer




         Auto Tone Mapping


         Mastering Info Display


         Mastering Info Display


         Info data

        MaxCLL and MaxFALL mastering data
        HDR Picture Modes BT.709 / BT.2020 / DCI / HDR



        2 x

         Throw Ratio



        65 mm




        17-element, 15-group in full aluminium lens barrel.

         Lens Shift


         Range Horizontal

        ± 34 %

         Range Vertical

        ± 80 %

         Motorized Zoom


         Motorized Shift


         Motorized Focus


         Projection Display size (diagonal)

        60 - 200 inch

         Memory Function


         Number of user presets


         Lens Cover





         Number of Inputs


         Data Rate

        48 Gbps

         HDCP Version


         8K60P signal input


         4K120p signal input


         4K60P signal input


         Video Signal range

        480p, 576p, 720p 60/50, 1080i 60/ 50, 1080p 120/ 100/ 60/ 50/ 30/ 25/ 24, 3840 x 2160p 120/ 100/ 60/ 50/ 30/ 25/ 24, 4096 x 2160p 120/ 100/ 60/ 50/ 30/ 25/ 24, 7680 x 4320p 60/ 50/ 30/25 /24

         PC Signal range

        VGA / SVGA / XGA / WXGA / WXGA+ / SXGA / WSXGA+ / UXGA / WUXGA / WQHD (60) / WQHD (120)

         Input Level Adjustment

        Auto / Standard (16-235) / Enhanced (0-255) / Super White (16-255)

         Color Space Range

        Auto/ YCbCr4444 / YCbCr422 / RGB
        Color: Blue, Purple, White
        Size: 20, 24
        Material: 100% Polyester