Isotek EVO3 ISOPLUG - Ultra Sound & Vision
Isotek EVO3 ISOPLUG - Ultra Sound & Vision

    Isotek EVO3 ISOPLUG

    R 2,490.00

      Isotek EVO3 ISOPLUG

      Deploy IsoPlug around your home to stop Differential Mains noise created by personal computers, fridge freezers, microwave ovens; in fact anything with a power supply that is connected into the wall sockets around your home. Simply plug into the wall sockets next to these appliances for immediate effect.

      • Removes mains noise from around the home
      • Versatile solution that can be plugged next to noise producing appliances
      • Easy to install, and can be in all wall sockets
      • Compact design
      • LED indicator light, show the circuit is engaged and active
      • Available in UK, EU, US and AU versions


      MAINS VOLTAGE  100–240V
      MAINS FREQUENCY  50–60Hz
      PROTECTION 27'000A
      DIMENSIONS 50 x 60 x 45mm (W x H x D)
      WEIGHT 0,120Kg

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester