Earthquake Titan Telesto Floorstanding Speaker - Pair - Ultra Sound & Vision
Earthquake Titan Telesto Floorstanding Speaker - Pair - Ultra Sound & Vision

    Earthquake Titan Telesto Floorstanding Speaker - Pair

    R 90,999.30 R 129,999.00
      • 1 "silk dome tweeter with neodynium magnet.
      • 1.25" horn-loaded silk dome midrange.
      • Two 4 "Ballistic Grade Kevlar bass-mid .
      • 8 " XLT-woofer.
      • Stilla-Sphere cabinet to the tweeter.
      • Frequency response: 25 - 40.000Hz.
      • Recommended amplifier power: 100 to 500 watts.
      • Impedance: 4 ohms.
      • Sensitivity: 88dB / 1M / 2.83 W

      The Telesto, like its big brother Tigris, descends from the Reference speaker Titan Tethys. The Telesto is a slim and striking entry to the Titan series.


      Telesto is the result of 5 years intensive development and the natural continuation of the research that began nearly 25 years ago with Joseph Sahyoun’s dream of the perfect loudspeaker. During the development of the original Titan, it was recognized that the combination of individually uncompromising units failed to achieve the homogeneous perfection and true to life reproduction Joseph so ardently desired.

      The focus was then broadened from optimization of individual technical details to approaching the design as a complex, intrinsic organism. A new generation of devices and components had to be developed. Organically In-Circiut became the new paradigm at Earthquake. The drive units were developed in-parallel and designed to work harmoniously together. Mimicking natures organic growth as close as possible the drive units grew up together instead of being introduced to each other as adult strangers attempting to connect through a complex and diluting crossover network.

      This new approach combined with Earthquake’s high-tech development and production facilities offers a new degree of differentiation. Nearly all traditional speakers are assembled by manufacturers purchasing a variety of devices from different suppliers. These individual units are then put together into a whole using complex and expensive crossover designs that seek to compensate and offset the drive units different characteristics

      Titan differentiates itself as everything is engineered from initial conception to work together. This improves all aspects of the design.The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

      The result is a loudspeaker with constant energy dispersion. A speaker with no tonal shift regardless of volume. A speaker where detail is not achieved at the expense of dynamics.

      Titan Series straight through wide open performance sets a new standard for loudspeaker design.

      Titan Telesto - Challenge it.