TruAudio LEA CONNECT Series 352 Amplifier - Ultra Sound & Vision
TruAudio LEA CONNECT Series 352 Amplifier - Ultra Sound & Vision

    TruAudio LEA CONNECT Series 352 Amplifier

    R 35,670.00 R 41,965.00

      TruAudio LEA CONNECT Series 352 Amplifier


      Proprietary Smart Power Bridge

      Smart Power Bridge allows users to bridge a channel to achieve double the power of that channel without sacrificing an amplifier channel

      Experts at a Distance

      The LEA Cloud platform allows system design experts to support customers from a distance, without the need to visit job sites. Designers can tune and adjust audio systems remotely.


      Technical Support via "Telepresence"

      LEA Cloud technology allows support functions that used to require on-site visits to be carried out without someone physically being present at the venue.


      Efficiency and Recurring Revenue Opportunities

      1. Add real-time monitoring into service contracts
      2. Amplifiers can tell when preventative maintenance is required before a failure actually occurs.
      3. Ability to do remote troubleshooting without having to put someone on a truck.
      4. Know what components go on the truck before being onsite reducing service call time and visits.


      • Web Browser-based UI – works on any device with no software to download
      • Direct LoZ and HiZ (70V or 100V) selectable per channel
      • 3 Ways to Connect 1.) Built in WiFi Access Point 2.) Connects to existing WiFi network 3.) Local Area Network Ethernet connection
      • Highly Efficient Class D Output Stage for low AC Current draw
      • 96kHz Analog Devices DSP with Input Routing, multiple 48dB/Oct crossover filters, 8 Parametric EQ filters, user configurable speaker limiters, and real time load monitoring
      • Universal Switch Mode Power Supply with PFC. Operation from 100VAC – 240VAC +/-15%
      • Analog fully routable inputs
      • External I/O Port for Remote On/Off and fault monitoring
      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester