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    Van Den Hul The Super Nova Hybrid Bi-Amp Cable per metre

    R 11,950.00

      Van Den Hul The Super Nova Hybrid Bi-Amp Cable per metre

      “One of the most prestigious quadruple lead speaker cable in our program …”

      The SUPER NOVA is a BRIGHT STAR amongst our range of heavy speaker cables.

      This shielded quadruple lead with its giant AWG 6 (13.4 mm²) conductors packs a GALACTIC amount of ultra-transparent conductive power, making it excellent for use in medium to high power high-end home, car hi-fi and PA systems.

      Due to its versatile four-conductor design, The SUPER NOVA excels in twin lead as well as in bi-wiring and bi-amping applications (*):

      *: When required (e.g. in car hi-fi situations with some distance between the power amplifier and speakers) The SUPER NOVA can even be used to run the left and right channel together.

      Twin lead: With its conductors paired, The SUPER NOVA turns into the heaviest twin lead loudspeaker cable imaginable.
      In this configuration the cable boasts an AWESOME effective conductor size of AWG 3 (26.8 mm²) with a near absently low electrical resistance of 0.00066 Ohm per meter of each lead.

      Bi-wiring/bi-amping: With its four conductors left unpaired, The SUPER NOVA becomes one of -if not- THE heaviest bi-wiring or bi-amping speaker cable available. Here, each conductor measures an enormous AWG 6 (13.4 mm²) size with a virtually negligible low electrical resistance of 0.0013 Ohm per meter of each lead. Manufactured according to the highest possible standards and based on our more than 25 years of experience in cable design and production, The SUPER NOVA incorporates highest quality materials and maximum lifespan protection.

      As such The SUPER NOVA features:

      • Super-Copper-Silver Hybrid Conductors
        The SUPER NOVA’s four signal conductors are made of highest grade ultra-pure Matched Crystal Oxygen Free Copper strands, which are manufactured by means of a special extrusion process. In the same mechanical step a very pure protective solid silver layer is applied. In sharp contrast with the commonly used drawn copper covered with electroplated silver, this meticulous and advanced production process ensures maximum crystalline density and contact (conductance) without open pathways for corrosive impurities to enter. The same goes for the co-extruded protective solid silver layer, which, unlike electroplated silver, doesn’t contain any chemical residues; Avoiding the presence of impurities and blocking their gradual creeping in over time is the best defence against sound quality degradation. In addition, serving as an additional protection layer and further improving the signal transmission properties, each conductor is embedded in a conductive layer containing our renowned Linear Structured Carbon ®. The conductors are therefore named “Hybrid”.
        In short, The SUPER NOVA’s high tech Super-Copper-Silver Hybrid conductors ensure that the cable keeps its stunningly transparent sound!
       “... practically behaving like a superconductor,
       The SUPER NOVA does such a good job that it seems to be absent - it sounds as if the amplifier is directly connected to the speakers ...”
       A.J. van den Hul


      • Extremely Low Resistance and Signal Losses
        The SUPER NOVA’s extremely low electrical series resistance provides a wide open pathway between your amplifier(s) and speakers. The lower a speaker cable’s series resistance namely is, the more control the amplifier has over the speaker drivers’ movements and the less sound colouration will occur (see Cable FAQ point 16-3).
        Furthermore, when a speaker cable’s signal losses at high frequencies are discussed, the so-called “skin effect” (i.e. the increase of effective series resistance with frequency (see Cable FAQ point 9-5)) is often mentioned. With The SUPER NOVA such high frequency signal losses are virtually absent: The SUPER NOVA’s large conductor size, its stranding layout as well as the strands’ dense silver coating ensure that its effective series resistance remains highly constant and very low, even far beyond the audible frequency range.
        Fantastically tight bass, as well as natural, open and nonfatiguing mids and highs are yours to enjoy!
      •  Double Shielding
        The SUPER NOVA’s heavy twin layer shielding provides a perfect protection against penetration of radio frequency and other electromagnetic interference into your audio signals: Grounded to the amplifier, the shielding effectively blocks external noise from reaching the loudspeaker lines and entering your power amplifier’s signal (feedback) path. Furthermore, when using digital (switchmode) power amplifiers, any radiation of residual noise from the loudspeaker lines is prevented. The SUPER NOVA’s shielding also allows to ground newer loudspeaker types which are equipped with a separate ground connection. To make these ground connections, The SUPER NOVA comes fit with a shield connected ground lead at each side of the cable.
        Shortly stated, The SUPER NOVA’s double shielding helps to keep your system’s noise floor down, thereby allowing it to reveal more detail.
      • Moisture Protection
        Embedded between The SUPER NOVA’s conductors, special treated artificial filler fibres provide a perfect protection against moisture penetration. In applications where high humidities are present or can occur (e.g. tropical environments and car installations), moisture penetration normally can reduce cable lifespan as well as induce signal losses.
      • HULLIFLEX ® Jacket
        The SUPER NOVA’s transparent ruby red outer jacket is made of our rugged and hard-wearing HULLIFLEX ® EHD, a plasticizer and PVC free insulation material. This jacket provides excellent protection against mechanical influences and environmental chemical agents. The result is a very stable sound quality and a long lifespan.
      • High Quality 24 Carat Gold Plated Connectors
        Also the quality of the connectors makes a considerable contribution to a cable’s overall performance: Providing a reliable and durable connection to your amplifier and loudspeaker binding posts, The SUPER NOVA comes standardly fit with either our angled spade (fork) or banana tip Bus type Universal Speaker Connectors soldered with silver solder. These connectors are designed to handle massive currents and all connector parts are heavy 24 carat gold plated. Oxidation is therefore almost impossible and the contact quality is maintained over a long period of use.

      With its super size advanced technology conductors, its ultra-transparent conductive power, its massive control over your speakers and its stunningly detailed and open sound, The SUPER NOVA has all the qualities on board to be entitled a TRUE REFERENCE GRADE loudspeaker cable.

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester