Vivid Audio KAYA 90 Floorstanding Speaker - Pair - Ultra Sound & Vision

    Vivid Audio KAYA 90 Floorstanding Speaker - Pair

    R 448,000.00

      Vivid Audio KAYA 90 Floorstanding Speaker - Pair

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      Our top-of-the-range KAYA model, the KAYA 90 delivers an effortless, powerful and focused sound that connects you directly and intimately with the music. These three-way floor-standing loudspeakers combine some of our very best audio technology with a slim, unobtrusive profile, making them easy to live with, as well as a joy to listen to.

      Like all the KAYA series, the KAYA 90 shares its DNA with our GIYA loudspeakers. That family connection is immediately evident visually in the KAYA 90’s smoothly curved contours. But it’s your ears that will truly confirm their common ancestry. The KAYA 90 is so called because it has an internal volume of 90 litres. That, combined with its four patented reaction-cancelling drivers and Tapered Tube loading – the same technology we pioneered with GIYA - gives the KAYA 90 its astonishing clarity and articulation in the bass.



      The curved bass absorber horn is the defining external feature of our GIYA loudspeakers. As with everything we do, it’s there for unarguable engineering reasons: it absorbs resonances and coloration, so you can hear every note with perfect precision and clarity. But we’d be the first to admit such a radical look isn’t for everyone. With the KAYA 90, the horn is still there; for the same reasons, and giving you the same benefits. The difference is that it’s folded back on itself, so it curves round inside the enclosure. So KAYA 90 gives you the same resonance-free sound in the lower mid-range, from a slimmer, more understated profile you may find easier to live with.



      With many conventional three-way loudspeakers, it’s possible to tune into the bass, mid-range and tweeter as separate parts of the sound field. That’s something we’ve worked strenuously to avoid with KAYA 90. Using all-aluminium drive units, and crossovers developed and built entirely in-house, we’ve made the transition between drivers totally seamless. We’ve also set the tweeter in a shallow waveguide, so that the sound is projected forwards rather than dispersing sideways. The result is perfect continuity in the sound, and a more focused listening experience unaffected by your room acoustics.

      Configuration 3 way 6 driver system
      Cabinet material Glass reinforced Soric-cored sandwich composite
      Cabinet colour Piano, Pearl, Oyster Matte
      Bespoke cabinet colour Bespoke colour options available on request
      Drive units HF: D26 - 26mm tapered tube loaded alloy dome

      MF: C100se - 100mm tapered tube loaded alloy cone

      LF: C125L - 4 x 125mm alloy cone


      Bass Loading Exponentially tapered tube enhanced bass reflex
      Sensitivity 90dB 2.83VRMS/1m
      Nominal impedance 6 Ohm (4 Ohm Min)
      Frequency range (Hz) 35Hz- 25kHz (-6dB)
      First D26 break-up mode 44kHz
      Harmonic distortion <0.5% over frequency range (2nd and 3rd harmonics)
      Cross over frequencies (Hz) 300Hz and 3kHz
      Recommended amplifier power 25W- 500W
      Loudspeaker dimensions 1202(h) x 370(w) x 540(d) mm MASS 38 kg
      Shipping dimensions 1245(l) x 430(w) x 590(h) mm MASS 55kg (each)
      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester