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This list shows all our brands storewide on a per product basis. Included are some of the best speaker brands such as Devialet, Bang & Olufsen, Klipsch, Vivid Audio and many many more.



Vivid Audio GIYA G1 Loudspeakers - Pair

R 1,330,000.00

Vivid Audio GIYA G2 Loudspeakers - Pair

R 915,600.00

Vivid Audio Oval B1 Decade Floorstanding Speaker - Pair

R 760,000.00

Vivid Audio GIYA G3 Loudspeaker - Pair

R 697,200.00

Vivid Audio Giya G4 Loudspeakers - Pair

R 574,000.00

Dali Epicon 8 Floorstanding Speakers - pair

R 299,990.00

Dali Epicon 6 Floorstanding Speaker - pair

R 179,990.00

IsoTek Mosaic Genesis Power Conditioning System

R 147,000.00

Vivid Audio Oval C1 Centre Speaker - Each

R 126,000.00

Furman IT-Reference 16E i Discrete Asymmetrical AC Power Conditioner

R 115,390.00

Earthquake Cinenova Grande 7 Multi Channel Power Amplifier

R 99,999.00

Dali Epicon 2 Bookshelf Speaker - pair

R 95,990.00