This list shows all our brands storewide on a per product basis. Included are some of the best speaker brands such as Devialet, Bang & Olufsen, Klipsch, Vivid Audio and many many more.



IsoTek Mosaic Genesis Power Conditioning System

R 178,000.00

Furman IT-Reference 16E i Discrete Asymmetrical AC Power Conditioner

R 162,990.00

Furman F1500-UPS E Battery Backup Power Conditioner

R 61,790.00

Cornered Audio C6TRM Loudspeaker - pair

R 49,440.00

Furman Elite-16 PF E i Ultra-Linear AC Power Conditioner

R 46,590.00

IsoTek EVO3 Syncro Power Cable

R 41,900.00

Cornered Audio C5TRM Loudspeaker - Pair

R 35,550.00

Cornered Audio C6 Loudspeaker - pair

R 33,330.00

Furman Elite-10 E i Linear Filtering AC Power Conditioner

R 29,990.00

Cornered Audio C5 Loudspeaker - pair

R 27,700.00

Furman BATT1500-EXT External Battery Pack

R 26,490.00

Furman AC-210 E Compact Power Conditioner 3 Pack

R 23,970.00R 26,390.00